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Recording your thoughts has never been easier
Easy mindmaps

A powerful mind map maker with practical features

Supports the online creation of mind maps, provides one-click mind map exports and cloud storage services

No matter when and where, as long as a browser can build knowledge and ideas in an orderly manner, update synchronously in the cloud, be free from the constraints of the device, and be creative and capture inspiration anytime, anywhere.

Getflowchart online mind map maker makes mind mapping easy

Professional, yet so simple

Getflowchart provides a large number of professional and high-quality templates that still offer plenty of creative space. Thanks to its simple operations, you can easily and quickly draw a mind map in your own personal style. Quick drawing makes it that much easier.

Personalize your own mind maps

Optimize every detail

You can design your own favorite themes and styles, and use Getflowchart to flexibly mark colors and insert pictures, easily creating a beautiful mind map that works with your own personal style.

Automatically save every 30s

Automatically saves every 30s

To prevent file loss, Getflowchart will automatically save files every 30 seconds and store them in the cloud.

Export mind maps in various formats

Safe and reliable sharing

Files can be formatted and exported as JPG, PNG, SVG, PDF, HTML, XML and XSD. If you need to share at any time, you can also set a password and expiration date to ensure document security.

Operating procedures

mind map structure

Trains of thought become clearer and more organized

Multiple functions, such as pictures, notes, hyperlinks, prioritization, progress, canvas backgrounds, etc., make mind mapping easier and simpler to draw.

Take down thoughts of your teammates

Record more ideas, and discover more possibilities

Use mind maps to brainstorm, collect and organize team members's inspirations and ideas, mark different ideas in different font and background colors, then edit, and save.

What can Getflowchart do for you?

  • Organize personal ideas

    Helping you organize your personal thoughts, analyze problems, contemplate solutions, establish logical thinking, form your own systematic thoughts on the premise of clarifying the problems or conjectures.
  • Analyze everyone's thoughts

    Helping summarize and analyze the spirit of meetings, and read notes, effectively extracting the knowledge essence and manage it, turn others' knowledge into your own wealth with your own ideas, and enrich your own thought process.
  • Create memory connections

    Using a mind map's divergent and multi-dimensional features can help you realize natural memories associated with things and greatly improve memorizing efficiency in work and study.
  • Creative brainstorming

    Easily and intuitively create work flowcharts, organizational charts, project management diagrams, floor plans, etc., to vividly reflect every step in each process, making all information clear at a glance.

Suitable individuals

  • Education


    Educational lectures are more detailed, and students understand much better

  • Students

    Student groups

    Develop a clear process to unleash your learning

  • Secretary


    Sort out the process structure and work with discipline

  • Designers


    Simplify the complexity and get twice the results with half the effort.

Case studies

  • user
    In the beginning, using the templates is simple, and you will learn it quick. After getting even more proficient, i could also create exquisite flowcharts on my own. The exported picture interface is beautiful, and the presentation to customers is very intuitive, which reduces communication costs.
  • user
    University teacher
    I have tried a lot of mind mapping tools. I've only consistetly Getflowchart up until now. The product is really good, and I will always support it. I hope to do better.
  • user
    I've been accustomed to using mindmaps to sort out information from my professional courses. After sorting out the context, it makes it convenient for subsequent memorization and use. Compared with other products, Getflowchart has more functionality, but it also has a simpler interface, simpler operations, and easier to use!